I never thought we would see the day when SNL considered itself newsworthy enough to parody. As usual, nothing. The clever piece showed some nerve, though the lines were infused with an uncomfortable tension. That visceral unease is precisely why the bit was so exciting to watch. And it worked, on the network level, at least: the episode gave the show its highest ratings all season. Never mind that this episode was the best of the season so far. Never mind the fact that the lineup contained no true weak links and gave Jay Pharoah a chance to finally earn his keep in the cast. Yes, never mind the comedy… the story here for too many of us is that SNL is trying to get away with something.

Kerry Washington Mocks SNL’s Lack Of Black Cast Members In Show’s Cold Open

While those things are all good, I think there was an important message that was communicated delivered between Saturday and Sunday, the message being that black women need to define themselves in the media. Like many, I was looking forward to seeing Washington take on sketch comedy over her weekly role as Ms. But who would play Oprah? The one black woman currently on screen of course!

We make these requests because Ms.

As host of this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” Kerry Washington could hardly have been better. In the cold open, a sendup of the show’s.

Remember Back to the Future? His clothes were strange to everyone else. His slang fell on deaf ears. And still, everyone was enthralled with this mysterious and different newcomer. Much the same, the highly anticipated Kerry Washington hosted episode of Saturday Night Live aired this week. Everyone was wondering what the crack team at SNL would come up with. Well, no. We got m ore of the same slapstick and canned comedy.

The Saturday Night Live Recap: Kerry Washington and Eminem

Kerry Washington kept mum about her pregnancy during Saturday Night Live , but one thing was immediately addressed — the lack of African-American women in the SNL cast. In the skit, the year-old actress played Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. When asked to exit the Oval Office to return as Beyonce by secret service Taran Killam , a voiceover came on to make an announcement, along with text on the TV screen.

In skit with Kerry Washington, ‘Saturday Night Live’ takes on issue of its year​-old contestant in an MTV dating game. She also joked about.

Cold Open — Kerry Washington comes out as Michelle Obama which could not be more perfect , then comes out as Oprah when Kenan Thompson refuses to do so and again, could not be more perfect , and then the voiceover announcer apologizes for the number of black women Kerry Washington will be forced to play tonight. This is a first to my knowledge. Sure, celebrities frequently appear on the show to rehabilitate their reputations after scandals by poking fun of themselves, but here, SNL is attempting to rehabilitate its own reputation for a lack fo diversity by making fun of its lack of diversity.

Will it make a difference as the actual Al Sharpton asks? But is it amusing and self aware? Many on Twitter, it appears, disagree with me. I suppose a more cynical take is that, by making light of a serious situation, SNL is minimizing it. Unfortunately, the monologue is another too short one that ends just as it seems to warm up. Career Week Speaker — Nasim Pedra plays a Yemenese motivational speaker, who cha-chings with machine-gun audio effects.

What Does My Girl Say? Basically, it turns into a great stand-up act about how annoying white people are, and it is fantastic. The jokes about The Wire? All directed at 90 percent of the people who read this site.

Kerry Washington celebrates ‘SNL’ hosting gig with hubby, parents

I get why you wanted to do this cold opening, but I haaate under-planned endings. Pffft, white people. It makes less sense 20 years later.

“Saturday Night Live”Kerry Washington was asked to change as a woman on the show again due to the cast’s lack of black females and CBSE class 10th and 12th date sheet to be announced today by the.

Kerry Washington is the host this week, and the cold open revolved around her having to play every black woman in the news. Everyone knows the show has a problem, and everyone knows that SNL has never been the best at changing course quickly. It also barely leaned on any of the new cast members. But at the same time, so far the show has not really convinced me that it absolutely needed to hire all of these guys.

When those six Matthew McConaugheys walked in to the cold open, it was a great sight gag, but also a telling one. Okay, okay, this is a sketch comedy show, on to the jokes.

‘Saturday Night Live’: Kerry Washington Is Every Black Woman (Video)

After the departure of its biggest stars, Saturday Night Live’s 39th season is finally in full effect. The show has entered recovery mode, riding off its comeback last year with a hefty gamble on five new cast members. There’s no more Stefon but “Live from New York! For its fifth episode, comedy god Lorne Michael recruited the beautiful Kerry Washington Scandal , Django Unchained and Eminem No description needed to provide us with Saturday night’s entertainment.

Here’s how it went down:. But the monologue was not.

The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Kerry Washington is patting themselves on the back for inviting Eminem and Al Sharpton to last night’s show), and unfortunately, nothing ever changes. But hey “Date or Diss”.

Washington will host the late night comedy sketch series on Nov. An aide came in, saying Oprah Winfrey had arrived for the dinner and wanted to see the president. Washington left the stage and returned as Winfrey. She was then asked to portray Beyonce — before show producer Steve Higgins interrupted with a voiceover. Higgins said producers would like to apologize to Washington for the number of black women she would be asked to play in the show.

The show has had four black women among its regular cast since coming on the air in with the last one, biracial Maya Rudolph, leaving in To drive the point home in the skit, the presidential aide announced that six different Matthew McConaugheys were there to attend the state dinner — and six different white male cast members trooped in dressed as the actor. During the show, Washington portrayed a gum-chewing assistant to a career counselor, a political science professor discussing her unwavering support for Obama, Miss Uganda in a beauty pageant, a game show host, a teacher at the dunk tank in a school carnival and an year-old contestant in an MTV dating game.

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The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Kerry Washington

Saturday Night Live addressed its lack of diversity on its first episode hosted by a woman of colour in almost two years. Using text scrolling onto the Nov. At least Washington came right out with a spark and energy that lasted throughout the uneven episode. Not so much. Nasim Pedrad is a Yemeni-born motivational speaker with Washington as her assistant on a high-school tour.

Pedrad goes all out: the dance pelvic thrusts-galore and the accent are OK, but Washington stole the sketch as her annoyed sidekick.

Will “Saturday Night Live” address the Shane Gillis flap in its Season 45 for bad taste but for bad comedy, apologizing for his lackluster performances to date. sketch that would be echoed years later by Kerry Washington.

Posted by Sean L. If you thought the timing of casting Kerry Washington as guest host of Saturday Night Live seemed suspicious when you first heard about it a couple of weeks ago, then seeing what happened live on Saturday night on NBC…wow. Just wow. By the end, he had the Rev. As usual: Nothing. This weirdly meta opening, so weirdly meta as it was, set the tone for what would be one of the more bold, ballsy and to borrow a classic catchphrase wild and crazy night for SNL.

Kerry Washington Monologue – Saturday Night Live